Women! What Life is all About

My obsession with women began when I was 12, give or take a few years. Hmm, maybe obsession is too strong a word, it was more like the dominant thought in my mind for over a decade. So on to my venting: what is wrong with women? Before I continue I just want to make it clear that I do not treat women as the lesser of the sexes. It is true that because of their physical makeup women will never do as well in sports as men do, but in saying that, I believe athletics is the only arena that men plainly dominant women. Now onto a story…

that happened to me this past weekend that got me thinking; I’ve been trying to meet up with this girl for about a month. She lives about forty minutes away from me so I was never too inclined to drive down and see her. I know that forty minutes is not far at all but working five days a week and picking up some overtime on weekends, plus having plans that I already committed to, did not leave me feeling in the mood to drive forty minutes to go see her. Well, after talking to over the phone for a few weeks I decided that I would go see her. We met up at a club she went to, which by the way, was a complete shit-hole, and I spent the night speaking to her and her friends. After leaving the club I decided to go back to her friends place were everybody else was headed, we ended up hooking up that night and in the morning after a quick shower I began to leave. Before leaving I decided that the girl was cool and wanted to see her again. After expressing this to her, she looked at me in shock and said, “really, I didn’t think you were interested.” Didn’t think I was interested? Even if I wasn’t interested why would she sleep with me, and after she slept with me, why would she say something that degraded her. I’m not an expert in women but I know the number one thing that women look for is confidence. You could look like a dog and with enough confidence you can pull women that are way out of your league. I remember I read something Kevin bacon said, and I’m paraphrasing because I’m to lazy to go look for it. He said that anybody can pull women when they are famous or rich, but he was getting ass when he slept on a dirty mattress on the floor of a shitty apartment. That, he said, separates the men from the boys. Now I’m not a Kevin bacon fan but anybody that can show his dick on the big screen has all the confidence in the world. I digress though, if women find confidence the sexiest thing about men, then why would she say something that lacks so much confidence that it is sickening. Oh, and by the way, the girl was no dog, she was down right sexy, not a model but still a solid 7.5 out of 10. After that comment I lost all respect for her, not because she slept with me even though she thought I didn’t want her, I lost respect for her because that comment showed the type of girl she was. I left without so much as a look back and drove forty minutes home. Just to keep track, that is driving almost an hour and a half for some ass, damn. Someone please explain why a girl that looks sexy has to lower herself to please some dude she just met. I don’t mind that she decided to sleep with me, because any guy would do the same to some random girl. Ladies, if confidence is the most important thing a man has to have then the same applies to you. No man wants a women that constantly needs reassurance that she is sexy. So ladies remember that nothing is sexier then a women that knows that she is the shit and wants the room to know it. Just don’t go overboard, there is a difference between being confident and being cocky. Being cocky automatically labels you a douche, because we all know you’re masking something. Peace.


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