The Utter Uselessness of People’s Beliefs

Vogue Cover


I came across the cover of vogue with Lebron James and Giselle. I am not into art but I am into large black men dominating skinny, white (actually latin) models, I call it retribution for two hundred years of slavery and about 150 more years of being treated as the lesser of two people. But there is good news on the way, in the past few years, Latinos have officially taken over as the prominent minority.

So know there is a lower race for the black people to look down upon when the white people look down upon them. And of course Latino’s have the natives to thumb their noses down upon; see everyone wins. But on a serious note and a much less racial one, how do people think that this cover is racist. It is not! The above statement was racist, funny, but yes, racist.


The argument that the cover shows Lebron’s animalistic nature and reinforces the stereotypes associated with black athletes is complete bullshit. The cover was meant to be controversial, and guess what it worked, it will sell more copies because of the controversy and Lebron will get even more covers because of it. This one cover does not bolster the stereotypes of black athletes behaving “animalistic”, what about Shaw kemp’s inability to purchase condoms or pull out in time, I think that shows more animalistic qualities then Lebron growling on a cover. People have to stop trying to stir up controversy at every little hint of racism. I’m going to put something shocking out there, every one is a little racist. I hate something about every race including my own, the difference is that I don’t discriminate because of it.


I’ll give you an example, picture yourself driving down the highway when all of a sudden an old asian lady ( I know, tired stereotype but I’m lazy) cuts you off and you almost crash. In that moment a few choice words are bubbling in your mind, some of them on the racial tip, does that make you racist? No it does not, it makes you human. When someone is angry at something or someone the one thing that can cause the most hurt races to the forefront of your mind, even if you don’t say it the thought is there. Its just the way that we were programmed by the world we live in, deal with it, and stop making a big deal over something so small. If the editors at vogue were to shoot Lebron James 41 times because he had a cellphone in his hand, and someone cried racism then I would have to agree. But lets be real, that never happens.


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