Obsession of the Week: Megan Ewing

The first ever obsession of the week. This post is all about the starlet that I am currently fixated on. So enough talk, presenting my obsession for this week Megan Ewing. I was first introduced, and by introduced I mean I stumbled on to pics of her in some magazine, in 2000. I was automatically riveted by her beauty. I recently stumbled upon her again over the net and again was captured by her beauty. Although, she is not everyone’s cup of tea, she is my obsession of the week.

Problem with People that purchase Macs

I have read numerous articles that portray mac users as men among boys. I have read that mac users on average hold higher than average IQ’s, are more computer savvy and generally are better people than non mac users. Get real, being a Mac user I can honestly say that using a mac on a daily basis can be frustratingly simple. The higher IQ holds true because Mac is known as being the computer of choice for any one involved in the arts, and thus more creative then us normal folk. Another reason why mac users tend to be smarter is that Cletus and his clan of inbred rednecks probably do not own a mac but they definitely own the PC that they saw on one of their weekly journeys to Walmart.

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