Olympic Torch Comes to US soil

I was reading through the daily updates on ESPN when I came across the article about protestors scaling the Golden Gate bridge. I also came across all of the negative comments being posted about the protesters. It is funny to me that people commenting against the protesters all want them to use different methods. Guess what? just commenting on the actions of the protesters means that their message is getting across. If they were to simply organize a march it would not get them national coverage.

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Around the World: Ana Lucía Domínguez

I starting a new weekly occurrence of hot ass from around the world. For the first headliner I chose to do someone from Colombia, and no I didn’t choose Shakira. Yeah she is hot and can move her hips like no ones business but she is just to mainstream. I chose Ana Lucia Domingue, she is a model/actor in Colombia, which probably means that she’s gobbled more producers, directors and photographers then any one has a right to but hey that’s her career choice. She also goes to prove that Colombia is good for two things, both give you the best rush of your life when your first introduced but as time goes on and the relationship becomes more familiar they they will both leave your life in shambles with you wanting to kill yourself.  So here is a short gallery of her.

Kristen Bell Gets More Mainstream

Who the hell is Kristen Bell? Those words passed through my lips when I first saw her on Heroes about a month ago. Yeah she is cute in the girl next door kind of way, except for the fact that the three playboy bunnies have taken that phrase away from any normal looking girl. It’s good to see that Kristen Bell is still getting work in Hollywood after the whole geek-chic phase passed on.

Kristen Bell vantity Fair

I have a friend that looked like Seth Cohen from the O.C, I watched how his pussy rate sky rocketed solely based on the resemblance he had to Seth. The thing that made it even more frustrating was that his ego sky rocketed also. It also helped that at the time that the O.C aired he was starting University, so every drunk girl in the bar was throwing herself at him. Thank God that he was a pussy or he could have hit three digits by the time the semester was over, and I would have never heard the end of it. But back to Kristen Bell and her under the radar, dare I say nerdy hotness.

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