Kristen Bell Gets More Mainstream

Who the hell is Kristen Bell? Those words passed through my lips when I first saw her on Heroes about a month ago. Yeah she is cute in the girl next door kind of way, except for the fact that the three playboy bunnies have taken that phrase away from any normal looking girl. It’s good to see that Kristen Bell is still getting work in Hollywood after the whole geek-chic phase passed on.

Kristen Bell vantity Fair

I have a friend that looked like Seth Cohen from the O.C, I watched how his pussy rate sky rocketed solely based on the resemblance he had to Seth. The thing that made it even more frustrating was that his ego sky rocketed also. It also helped that at the time that the O.C aired he was starting University, so every drunk girl in the bar was throwing herself at him. Thank God that he was a pussy or he could have hit three digits by the time the semester was over, and I would have never heard the end of it. But back to Kristen Bell and her under the radar, dare I say nerdy hotness.

Kristen Bell is the type of girl that gives all other women hope. They see a cute girl but not an overly hot one and it make them think that they could look as good as her. I’m here to tell those women that they are wrong. Kristen Bell’s beauty is more rare to find then the skanks in Hollywood who overdo the makeup and cosmetic surgery’s to make themselves look like whores, but in their minds, after they lift their faces from some up-and-coming stars lap, they think they made it. A decade passes and they no longer are getting the shitty softcore modelling gigs that they once got, their money is running low, and the up-and-coming stars no longer want to bang them. So what do they do? They turn to trying to bang the forgotten stars, the Scott Baio’s, the Bud Bundy’s, the Carlton’s, these stars are more then happy to bang them because all the really hot ass no longer approaches them.

These types of girls, ladies is what gives you hope. These plastic bimbos that fucked and sucked their way through the hierarchy of Hollywood is the type of ladies that you will turn out to be. Cause lets be real, any girl that looks like Kristen Bell does not need the confidence boost that other women need. Women like Kristen Bell are not as attached to their looks as the rest. That is why her personality has matured and people can actually have a conversation with her that does not include what new and exciting position they are going to try tonight. That is why Kristen Bell is better then most of you! Here are some pics of the type of women that you wish you were with.


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