Olympic Torch Comes to US soil

I was reading through the daily updates on ESPN when I came across the article about protestors scaling the Golden Gate bridge. I also came across all of the negative comments being posted about the protesters. It is funny to me that people commenting against the protesters all want them to use different methods. Guess what? just commenting on the actions of the protesters means that their message is getting across. If they were to simply organize a march it would not get them national coverage.

It is no secret that the majority of the American population live with their heads in the sand, they have no idea what is going on around the world because it does not affect their sheltered existence. I applaud the protestors not because of what they are protesting but because they chose a peaceful method that garnered nationwide attention. If the idiots that comment on the ESPN boards have heard about the message that they are trying to send then their jobs are done. 


I do not agree with the complete defamation of the nation of China, because who are Americans to judge how China treats other nations, lest we forget all the atrocities that the US has committed. But I do not agree with the chinese policies that govern their rule over Tibet, no nation can judge one another because no nations hands are clean. As the fastest growing economic power in the world China has decades before they change their ways and become acclimated to being a major part of geopolitics, it happened in Russia resulting in millions of deaths but also allowing millions of others to improve their way of life. I’m not saying that I agree with this but I do recognize that it comes with the territory of a burgeoning nations. It’s the cycle that every Empire goes through, eventually there reign has to come to an end and another power has to take its place. 


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