Back in the Day Dime: Bridget Hall

I was reminiscing on the girls that drove me wild growing up and I remembered one magazine ad that had me climbing walls. Her name was Bridget Hall, and unless you follow the fashion industry devoutly or are just preoccupied with models like I am then this girl should not ring a bell. It was that one ad for Polo Ralph Lauren that blew my mind. I have recently googled her and seen other pictures that she has been in and I was a little disappointed. I blame myself for that disappointment though, I had put her on such a high pedestal that nothing short of her walking out of the ad could have given me any satisfaction. So hopefully this gallery gives some kid an unattainable sense of the female form, cheers.


Stacey Dash Does King

I was walking down the aisle in my local grocery store when I saw a piece of heaven.

I have been in love with Stacey Dash since I saw her in the female “Citizen Kane” known” known as Clueless. People who are as familiar with Stacey Dash as I am have seen her maybe 1 time after that. I remember the time I saw her after that; I was flipping through channels trying to find something to watch when I saw her face smiling back at me as a camera followed her through the airport. I had stumbled upon Kanye’s second video “all Falls Down”, this was when he was making good music, before his ego grew out of this world, before all his rhymes became recycled. But I digress, here is more Stacey.