Baseball is Backl

Baseball is back! The sport that carries people through the summer months. No major sport has as many months by itself without any real competition. Even the NFL respects baseball enough not to air games
while sunday night world series baseball is being played. Another year of 162 games of dust, blood, guts, and sweat is among us, and I for one could not be happier. I’m actually really excited about this
year because my Blue Jays now have a really good shot of making the playoffs ahead of the hated Yankees and the once easy to cheer for but now getting overly annoying Boston Red Sox team. Why is it that
Boston fans always blamed Yankee fans for being extremely cocky but now Boston Fans are annoyingly cocky. I have never met a bunch of fans who will rant and rave about their home team when they are
winning, but when they are losing they are quiet as mice. Get a fucking clue, the Red Sox have won as many titles in the past 15 years as the Florida Marlins and the Toronto Blue Jays, who I might
add fielding their 1993 squad could kick the shit out of both Boston championship teams. See, I for one was cheering for Boston when they stormed back against the Yankees but in hindsight maybe I picked
the wrong team. Now to throw a Star Wars analogy at you people: cheering for the Red Sox reminds me of the election of Chancellor Palpatine and rapid way that he transformed the Republic, something that
was loved and cared for, into something as evil and reviled as the Empire. Any fan knows that Boston fans are absolutely the worst fans in all of sports. The sporting world is waiting for a rebel alliance
that can bring the Empire to its knees and take its rightful place on top. Hopefully my Blue Jays can do just that. Amd just to keep people entertained here are the women that love baseball (players).
Remember Derek Jeter has banged half these girls.

Oh yeah, Fuck you Derek Jeter


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