Weekly Dime: Megan Fox

Got Damn

I debated about who I should do the first weekly dime post on. There were two options Megan Fox and Adriana Lima, although the choice was a tough one I chose to do the latter and I do not think that I have to justify the choice. I first remember seeing Megan Fox in that shitty Lohan movie “Confessions of a Drama Queen” and thought why was Lohan the lead? and why did no one mention the stunning girl that was Megan Fox. Those questions did not come up when Transformers hit the theaters. The question that every one thought of was “who is that girl?” Of course no male can now say that they have never heard of Megan Fox because she has hit the big time when it comes to masturbatory fantasy. Of course she has also gone and done what every unbelievably hot girl always does, they start dating a douche. Well, hears to you Megan. You sweetheart, are my weekly dime, cheers!


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