Miss USA 2008, WTF???

I was skimming through the channels this afternoon when I came across the headline about the winner of the Miss USA title, Crystal something. What the fuck were the judges thinking? Looking at the competition there were many other choices for the winner, don’t believe me check for yourself here. I know followers of the pageant would argue that it takes more then beauty to win it, to this I say get a fucking clue. It is called a beauty pageant for a reason, if the contestants needed brains they would be competing on Jeopardy. This pageant is based on a few simple tasks and those are how good these ladies look in a bathing suit, in a gown, and if they can string together enough words to form a proper sentence; and as we have seen in the past a lot of them cannot.

After viewing the winners from the past 10 or so years I can honestly say that there are only a handful of amazing looking girls with Ali Landry and Tara Conner’s disgraced ass topping that list. I must admit the person that I have the most respect for that is involved with this train wreck that they call a prestigious beauty pageant is none other than Mr. Donald Trump. I mean the man is not only a genius business man but he bought the pageant just so that beautiful women from all across the USA compete for a meaningless title and his pocket change. What does he get for all of his trouble, I’ll tell you why: he has hundreds of the most beautiful late-teen early-twenties women all lined up and competing to please him. And if someone tells me that Trump has not hit any of these girls all I got to say is that he is a powerful billionaire and these girls are a few IQ points away of being legally classified as retards. Here are some pics of past winners:


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  1. was the winner a dude?

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