The Next Sex Video Starlet: Stacey Keibler

A new weekly post that I have created, the title says it all, my dream for the next celebrity to have a sex video leaked. So the first starlet that I have chosen is Stacey Keibler. Imagine those long legs wrapped around your body. Imagine those blue eyes staring up at you while your business is being taken care of. Well I got news for you, Stacey Keilber is probably a boring lover, and I don’t mean boring in the way that she just lays there while you drill into her, I mean she looks like one of those girls that tries to impress you with the different positions that she can contort her body into. Switching positions is good, it allows you to hit different spots and it even allows you to last awhile longer, but having a chick, that constantly wants to switch positions gets boring quickly. This works both ways though, and is even worse for the ladies when the man keeps switching positions, switching positions constantly ruins the mood. But hey, I could be wrong about Stacey. Who would have thought that a coked-out party girl could have been that boring, neither did I until I saw Paris Hilton half-sleeping through the whole session.

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Alicia Keys is Crazy! not really

For those of you that have not yet heard Alicia Keys has admitted that she is crazy. Okay, not really, but she has admitted in believing that the government is responsible for not only the assassination of Tupac and Biggie but also for the creation of “Gangsta Rap”. Now let me get this straight, the government created the image of groups such as NWA, looking at who Dr. Dre was, you might believe that argument.

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