Alicia Keys is Crazy! not really

For those of you that have not yet heard Alicia Keys has admitted that she is crazy. Okay, not really, but she has admitted in believing that the government is responsible for not only the assassination of Tupac and Biggie but also for the creation of “Gangsta Rap”. Now let me get this straight, the government created the image of groups such as NWA, looking at who Dr. Dre was, you might believe that argument.

To argue in Alicia Keys favor, musicians in the Hip-Hop genre have been arguing about racism and government injustice since it’s inception. The difference is that all of these other artists weren’t as main stream as Alicia Key is. Sure Tupac was a legend but he did not have as diverse of a fan base as Alicia does. The problem with Alicia Keys is that she can’t speak about her beliefs in her songs because speaking about racism does not work in love ballads. I like Alicia Keys too, but I got turned off when she began trying to explore her Jamaican roots by trying to sing with a Jamaican accent. I have nothing against trying to explore your roots but when you put on a fake accent when you are doing that exploring, it seems kind of sad. Compare Miss Keys earlier pieces to her newer ones and you can notice the difference.

click here for her earlier work and click here to hear her at her best.

Click here to hear the new and diminished Alicia Keys.

And let me add one thing, reading strictly black panther literature does not educate you on the civil rights struggle, it only teaches you the wrong way on how to go about things, Ghandi and Martin would be spinning in there graves.


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