Obsession of the Week: Nip Tuck

My obsession of the week this week is the TV show Nip Tuck. I came across the show as a recommendation from a few friends. I ended up watching all five seasons this past week and a half, and let me tell you I find this show fucking hilarious. Dr. Christian Troy is my new idol. His character is the biggest asshole on TV but also has flashes of altruism that give his character more depth. I know the show is very superficial, which is funny because of the topic, and even their attempts at bringing the show any greater sense of drama seems cheap and implausible, but still worlks because they poke fun at themselves. The balance that Dr. Troy and Dr. McNamara share in their relationship helps both of them thrive and grow as both their personalities reverberate off of each other giving each of them a lot more dimension.

Back to my new idol Dr. Troy, of course it seems that this dude has got everything any man could want, good looks, rich, great job, and a 10 inch cock, what more could a man want. The one thing that makes me laugh though, is that for all of his high talk about only banging 10’s, he pretty much sticks his dick in anything that moves, and that makes me laugh because all men are like that. And now for the greatest part of the Nip Tuck universe my list of the hottest girls that Christan, Sean, and their twisted kid have banged. Thank me later:

10. Brittney Snow: This girl is more cute then hot, but man, she is cute. When I saw her I thought that she was on the chubby side but I was wrong. She can look really hot sometimes and other times I am shocked at how plane she looks, so I chose the hottest racist Nazi I have ever seen.

9. Rebecca Gayheart: The girl that sold millions of bottles of moisturizer. The former Noxema spokes girl has a stunning face and even though she is in her mid-thirties she still looked stunning on the show. Playing a blind perfume designer she was radiant as she became Christian’s first longterm girlfriend on the show. Oh, something for the perverts out there; here she is when she was in her teens (18-21), simply gorgeous.

8. Paula Marshall: I think that she only made the list because I thought she was really attractive years ago when I first saw her. I can’t remember where I saw her but I aleays remember a cute face and this one was no exception. Even though she has aged, damn she is 43, she still looks good, so she is number 8 on the list.

7. Portia De Rossi: Reasons she’s on here? she’s a lesbian who is dating/dated Ellen and I would bang Ellen to have a shot at Portia.

6. Famke Janssen: She played a post-op transexual who had me questioning if I would bite the bullet and bang her. I could not come up with an answer that did not make me seem gay, so I put her on the list.

5. Sophia Bush: his girl is under the radar hot. the first time I saw her I quickly glanced at her and then returned my attention to something else, but the more and more that I saw of her the hotter she became. Take a look at some of these pics and tell me that this girl isn’t gorgeous, remember she played a cheerleader with a liking for threesome.

4. AnnaLynne McCord: There is something about this girl that drives me crazy. Maybe it was the fact that she was an 18 year old slut who dabbled in porn, or the fact that she was a manipulative bitch that craved sex. I don’t know, all I do know is that she is a knockout when wearing a school uniform and that is enough for me.

3. Kelly Carlson: The women that almost won Dr. Christian Troy’s heart. She had a memorable start to the series that had her being picked up in a bar by Dr. troy then transitioned to her getting it from behind. She began as an out of work model needing a little bit of plastic surgery (according to Christian) to a multi-million dollar earning mother of one porn star. What more can a man ask for?

2. Sanaa Lathan: What? I have been crazy about Sanaa Lathan since I saw her in Love and Basketball (i think), she was in two of the same movies; Love and basketball and the one about Loving Hip-Hop. She looked good then and she looks good now. There are not enough words in the english language to describe what I would do to her, but you people can use your imaginations. In the show she went from an organ-stealing prostitute that put her way half way through med school to an organ-stealing widow who inherited millions from her 80 year old husband. Looking the way she does I would let her steal one of my kidneys to spend one night with her.

1. Rhona Mitra: This girl is ridiculous and the accent put her over the top. She also dyked it out with Kelly Carlson which made this an easy choice, enjoy!


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