Most Overrated Sex symbol: Maria Sharapova

In a new weekly column I have created I have chosen to focus my attentions on the worlds most overrated sex symbols. My first choice is non-other than tennis sweetheart Maria Sharapova. Lets be reasonable, no she is not ugly, she has a killer body, but she is far from gorgeous. She is a poor man’s Anna. The only reason that she is getting any attention is that she came in when the female tennis world was being dominated by dogs. Ever since the early 2000, there had been no female tennis player ranked no. 1 that could even be remotely classified as hot. When Maria broke on the scene she did something that Anna failed to do, become relevant in Tennis for something besides her looks. People were relieved that they now had someone to cheer for that they could look in the face and not be completely disgusted with. So I say again, if Anna and Maria were on the same court facing each other, Maria would make quick work of Anna but Anna would still come up the winner because she is a true sex symbol. 


  1. Agreed. She is good looking, but nothing compared to Anna.

  2. eeh salut! anna je te trouve tres jolie tes une fille remarquable entk mon msn c’est a bientot jesper 😛

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