Elisha Cuthbert Turns on Maxim

The Canadian hottie who has disappeared from the face of the world, or something like that according to me, has decided to grace the cover of maxim. I guess she got tired of banging Leo’s friends and mediocre hockey players, and has decided to try her hand again at a career that was heating up before she lost her mind and began slutting it up across Hollywood. Here’s hoping that the old Elisha comes back and takes back her crown as Canada’s hottest export. 

Back In The Day Hottie: Niki Taylor

Remember the nineties, the pinnacle of both grunge and hip-hop, the Cowboys-Niners rivalry, the Bulls domination, Canada’s first 2 world series titles, and most importantly the battle between between Cindy Crawford and Niki Taylor. I was firmly in the favor of Cindy then as I am now but I am a brown hair connoisseur and hold that preference over blondes, but now that I look more closely I have to pay respect to a beauty that she certainly is. So rejoice as this beauty once again struts her stuff.