Miranda Kerr plays with her Bra and Runs Around Naked! Got Damn!

The new Victoria Secret it girl was promoting VS’s new line of Bra’s on Thursday. according to her the new bra shapes itself around her curves, which is every mans dream but only one man’s reality right now, which makes me hate my life right now. So here are some pics of Miss Kerr playing with her favorite bra and some bonus pics courtesy of Hollywood Tuna

Emma Watson is Legal and Rich

For the Harry Potter fans out there who always felt a little weird for lusting after Emma Watson, she is finally legal but that does not make you any less perverted. She also finally got control of the fortune she made for the HP films. She isn’t the best looking girl, in my opinion the perverts that lusted after Lohan when she was underage had better taste but to each their own. It is only a matter of time before we see her in a video where she is covered in cocaine while an orgy is happening in the background, or maybe not what do I know? Actually I predict that she does not collapse with access to all that money, because for one she is English and Paris Hilton is on the wrong continent, ask Lindsey Lohan how much she wished that was true for her career. Ah well, here’s hoping that I am wrong and she is caught snorting coke off a dude’s cock while he films her with his camera phone. 

Here she is thanking all her fans. Acting all innocent before shit hits the fan.

Happy Birthdays of the day

Here is the celebrity birthday’s of the day. The only spice girl that I wanted to fuck back in the day Victoria Beckham, okay maybe Baby I could never decide, although now she is a lot less appealing with her zero percent fat and mutant tits.

Happy Belated to Martin Lawrence, I always found him annoying except for a few movies he did and a few bits in his stand up routine, ah well I’m still showing you love Martin.