Vanessa Hudgens New Album

My favorite singer is set to release a new album sometime soon. She is my favorite singer because I like sluts that send nude pictures of themselves to their “going to come out of the closet as soon as the preteen girlies forget about me” boyfriends. Tell me that she did not look smoking posing in the buff? She even had the guts to try and bring the bush back, although I’m sure that she shaves it now. I know that all the tweenies are going to be hankering for her new album but I’m going to throw an idea out there. Why doesn’t Vanessa try and break into the Hip-Hop market. It would be easy, all she needs to do is have some new nude photos of herself, this time bush free, in the cd sleeves. Since she has some Spanish in her the black dudes wont think they sold out when they start buying the albums by the millions just to get at the pictures. If she did that I would reserve a dozen copies myself, because that girl is fine.



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  3. She needs to put some clothes on! Thats not appropriate!

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