Fergie’s Bikini Clad Body is Banging

I never really thought that fergie was that attractive even in her heyday where the Black Eyed Peas were everywhere and she was on every magazine cover. I do though have to admit that she can rock a bikini like few people can. Her body is crazy. She has just enough meat on her where you can picture yourself taking the girl for a ride and not have to worry about her telling you to be more gentle. Fergie looks like the type of girl that loves aggressive sex that borders on violent, and I am a fan of that it would get old eventually but the ride would be something that wet dreams are made of. Continue reading


WTF is this?

I came across these pictures of something that could only be labeled as disgusting, and to tell you the truth it is a damn shame. Her mother is hot as hell and her father is actually a decent actor and a funny one at that, how they both came together and spawned something that looks like this is beyond me. Demi should be ashamed of herself, I know that she has put a lot of money into her body but there is no reason a human being’s face should look like that, time to call the Nip/Tuck doctors to get a little work done. 

Just cause I do not think that a post should contain only horror I have included pics of her much hotter mom, plastic surgery is the age cure. The funny part is that Demi looks better then rumer does with a full head of done up hair, sucks to be her.

I Called It, Sort of. Emma Watson Does an Upskirt

I am not going to say that I was completely right but I was pretty damn close. Not a few days past her eighteen birthday Emma Watson had a pantyless upskirt. Although she is not my flavor I know a lot of people out there are fans of her and it looks like she decided to give them a birthday gift also. I would also like to add that it should be a rule that once you turn 18 panties should be banned when you’re going clubbing, or to lunch, or walking your dog, or… well you get the idea. NSFW Images are here and here

And to tide you perverts over more pics of the night but a little safer for work

Weekend Round up: Mila Kunis and Kim Kardashian

I love the cycle of publicity that Hollywood forces down everyone’s throat. It makes instant success of the oddities that Hollywood pushes on us. But who am I to argue with a tried and true practice, so here are the pictures of Mila Kunis that were floating around the internet this past weekend, and she is looking really good:  

Another thing that caught my attention this past week was pretty decent looking pics of Kim Kardashian in ralph Magazine