Fergie’s Bikini Clad Body is Banging

I never really thought that fergie was that attractive even in her heyday where the Black Eyed Peas were everywhere and she was on every magazine cover. I do though have to admit that she can rock a bikini like few people can. Her body is crazy. She has just enough meat on her where you can picture yourself taking the girl for a ride and not have to worry about her telling you to be more gentle. Fergie looks like the type of girl that loves aggressive sex that borders on violent, and I am a fan of that it would get old eventually but the ride would be something that wet dreams are made of. The only problem with Fergie is that it looks like her face went 12 rounds with Tyson, the bitch is fug, I guess that’s what becoming addicted to Meth will do to you, even though her face wasn’t that great to begin with.

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