WTF is this?

I came across these pictures of something that could only be labeled as disgusting, and to tell you the truth it is a damn shame. Her mother is hot as hell and her father is actually a decent actor and a funny one at that, how they both came together and spawned something that looks like this is beyond me. Demi should be ashamed of herself, I know that she has put a lot of money into her body but there is no reason a human being’s face should look like that, time to call the Nip/Tuck doctors to get a little work done. 

Just cause I do not think that a post should contain only horror I have included pics of her much hotter mom, plastic surgery is the age cure. The funny part is that Demi looks better then rumer does with a full head of done up hair, sucks to be her.

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  1. You’re a piece of shit!

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