Obsession of the Week: Cars and Babes Who Love Them

I was recently introduced to a dude who is a car junkie or how he puts it a gear head. This man let me drive his tuned up WRX and let me tell you there is nothing like driving a car that has such amazing power. The output that this dude tuned his car to produce is mind boggling to me. I have never had much interest in cars and even less in modifying them but this past week has put my entire belief on hold. It’s not the fact that the car has so much power because the car comes pretty much stock with a shit load of power. It doesn’t even matter that the car is expensive to begin before the extra 15 to 20 grand he put into it, all that matters is seeing a project that took him a year and a half to complete come to fruition, that my friends is the excitement of really modifying a car. The dude added close to 300 hundred HP to his car and made it look more beautiful then most luxury cars. The thing that appealed to me the most is that the man doesn’t even race his car, he began the modifications like most do, he added some rims and a new exhaust and before he knew it he was hooked. I don’t know what took him so long, I was hooked the first time I shifted out of first gear. Now I have to go purchase a beat up BMW and build it up myself. Here are some pics of the girls that crave the tuning scene.


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