Weekly Dime: Jessica Beal

Looking at this girl I am left wanting something. Maybe I want Jessica to grab me and throw me around the room as she has her way with me, she is built like a tank and we all know she can probably kick our asses. Her body might be to manly for some as she has hit the gym pretty hard, but for me all the work she has put in has been well worth it, she is smoking hot. Again I have to visit the fact that Derek “my fucking idol” Jeter has hit this along with so many other TV and movie starlets, I have one thing to say I want Jeter’s life. 

Megan Fox: Sexiest Woman in the World

I have new found respect for the readers of FHM, they have elected Megan Fox as the sexiest woman in the world for 2008. Don’t get me wrong I agree with that vote I am just disappointed that it took this long for her to get recognized. Like I said before she has her negative points, notably the douche she is fucking, but I am kind of disappointed that Hilary Duff broke the top 10 along with Blake Lively. Sure these girls are cute but sexy is a different story. I have actually met Hilary Duff and I don’t want to call her ugly but the word plain came to mind when I shook her hand. Megan Fox on the other hand just oozes sex and because of that, the title is well deserved and at 21 years old she has a few of these left in her. 

Megan Fox With a Fox

I will use any excuse to post pictures of Megan Fox. So when I came across these pictures of her posing with a variety of animals I jumped at the chance. So apparently she loves animals which is good because so do I, so it is now official I am the perfect man for Megan Fox, so somebody out there give her my number or give me her number, I don’t care I’m not picky. On a serious note these pictures aren’t sexy but they have Megan Fox in them which automatically makes them sexier then most pictures out there. 

Weekly Dime: Scarlett Johansson

I don’t know what it is about Scarlett that drives me crazy but she has something that makes her irresistible. I tried explaining it to my friend after seeing Lost in Translation how hot she was but I could not point out one thing about her. Sure she has huge tits and a beautiful face but thats not it, its her entire package that makes her easily one of the most beautiful women in the world. Just take a look at The Island and tell an actress that would have looked better in that movie. I can’t explain it but she is gorgeous and her stint on SNL just made my obsession grow, damn you Scarlett. 

Hayden Panatierre Looking Hot, For Once

As you can tell by the title I’m not a big fan of Hayden panatierre but in these pics she actually looks good. I have checked the requirements to qualify as a dwarf and I’m sure that Hayden Panatierre qualifies, but in defense she is the hottest dwarf I have ever seen. The problem with Hayden is that she has that body type that requires constant work to keep in shape. One bad week of bingeing and it’s all over for her, for example say that her semi-pedophile boyfriend decides to end it with her you can expect her to disappear off the map for a few weeks as plastic surgeons try and suck the fat out of her. So for probably the last time here is Hayden looking pretty good, cheers.

Weekend Review Pt 1: There is a God and Mila Kunis

I ran across another hottie sprawled out in a new and sexy spread. I was kind of shocked when I saw it because I had completely forgotten about this girl. Mila Kunis, best known for the ditzy hot teenager on That 70’s Show and for her lesser known role as the voice of Meg Griffin on Family Guy. She is finally back coming to the big screen along side the cutie Kristen Bell. But before her ass hits the big screen it hits Complex magazine in this months issue. I was never a big fan of her but I must admit she is pretty cute in this spread. I am glad that she is getting a little more exposure since she is the type of girl that looks like she could grow on me. So good for you Mila, hopefully this allows her more roles with less clothing soon.

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Weekly Dime: Megan Fox

Got Damn

I debated about who I should do the first weekly dime post on. There were two options Megan Fox and Adriana Lima, although the choice was a tough one I chose to do the latter and I do not think that I have to justify the choice. I first remember seeing Megan Fox in that shitty Lohan movie “Confessions of a Drama Queen” and thought why was Lohan the lead? and why did no one mention the stunning girl that was Megan Fox. Those questions did not come up when Transformers hit the theaters. The question that every one thought of was “who is that girl?” Of course no male can now say that they have never heard of Megan Fox because she has hit the big time when it comes to masturbatory fantasy. Of course she has also gone and done what every unbelievably hot girl always does, they start dating a douche. Well, hears to you Megan. You sweetheart, are my weekly dime, cheers!

Kristen Bell Gets More Mainstream

Who the hell is Kristen Bell? Those words passed through my lips when I first saw her on Heroes about a month ago. Yeah she is cute in the girl next door kind of way, except for the fact that the three playboy bunnies have taken that phrase away from any normal looking girl. It’s good to see that Kristen Bell is still getting work in Hollywood after the whole geek-chic phase passed on.

Kristen Bell vantity Fair

I have a friend that looked like Seth Cohen from the O.C, I watched how his pussy rate sky rocketed solely based on the resemblance he had to Seth. The thing that made it even more frustrating was that his ego sky rocketed also. It also helped that at the time that the O.C aired he was starting University, so every drunk girl in the bar was throwing herself at him. Thank God that he was a pussy or he could have hit three digits by the time the semester was over, and I would have never heard the end of it. But back to Kristen Bell and her under the radar, dare I say nerdy hotness.

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