Happy Birthday Conan 04/18

Happy birthday to my favourite roberts, Eric Roberts. It must suck to be him. I heard that his sister hates him but I wouldn’t know for sure because Eric is the type of celebrity that you don’t go out of your way to do anything involving him. I also loved that one year where he starred in half a dozen music videos for random artists. Good job on using the name that your sister made for you. Just kidding Eric I always thought that you were the more talented roberts and just for fun I went out of my way and found this youtube video. I have changed my mind, it sucks to be Eric roberts but it really blows to be a true Eric Roberts fan.

Now for a happier tune. Happy Birthday to a true comedic genius Mr. Conan Obrien, I cant wait for that chin to leave NBC and be replaced by the only funny thing that NBC has aired since Seinfeld was canceled. So Happy birthday to you Conan, you red headed bastard.

Happy Birthdays of the day

Here is the celebrity birthday’s of the day. The only spice girl that I wanted to fuck back in the day Victoria Beckham, okay maybe Baby I could never decide, although now she is a lot less appealing with her zero percent fat and mutant tits.

Happy Belated to Martin Lawrence, I always found him annoying except for a few movies he did and a few bits in his stand up routine, ah well I’m still showing you love Martin.