I Hate Kanye but…

I hate Kanye with a passion and I can’t believe all of the hype that surrounds him, but I have to admire his taste in woman. Kanye recently released a “shrine” on his blog dedicated to the Australian model and Big Brother contestant Krystal Forscutt and I can’t blame him; the girl is smoking. On a side note, Australia is quickly becoming my favorite country for exporting the finest pieces of ass since brazil took the world by storm. Back to the point, criticize Kanye all you want and trust me I do all the time; he’s a bitch that complains for not getting recognition from award shows that mean little if anything. Kanye should be thanking God that Hip Hop is in the sorry state that it is or his mediocre music would not be considered as highly as it is. So in recognition of Kanye’s taste in women I present Krystal Forscutt enjoy. 


Stacey Dash Does King

I was walking down the aisle in my local grocery store when I saw a piece of heaven.

I have been in love with Stacey Dash since I saw her in the female “Citizen Kane” known” known as Clueless. People who are as familiar with Stacey Dash as I am have seen her maybe 1 time after that. I remember the time I saw her after that; I was flipping through channels trying to find something to watch when I saw her face smiling back at me as a camera followed her through the airport. I had stumbled upon Kanye’s second video “all Falls Down”, this was when he was making good music, before his ego grew out of this world, before all his rhymes became recycled. But I digress, here is more Stacey.