Tila Tequilla Equals the American Dream

I remember stumbling across the MTV show “Shot at Love” and thinking who is this girl and why does she warrant a TV show of her own. I ended up Googling her later that day and after enjoying the work she did in the nude I decided to Wiki her and found out that she made her money with the only thing that is guaranteed to make money in this world, her tits and ass. These types of women make me feel good inside, they know that the only way that they are going to succeed in life is to play off the fantasy of men out there and guess what, it has been proven again, the bitch got her own TV show because men wanted to give it to her. These types of women usually just become strippers making more money than most of us for 6-7 years, but then get spit out by the industry looking on the outside how they feel on the inside. Give Tila credit for using the technology available to her for making her money.

Click to see Tila at her best


Versus: Kate Beckinsale Against Rhona Mitra

Just to get it out in the open I think I’m in love with Kate Beckinsale, but after seeing Rhona Mitra’s turn in Nip/Tuck she made a strong push for Kate’s spot. I first remember seeing Kate in Underworld and she just blew me away. She was so gorgeous in that movie that I had to watch it again and again, also I’m a sucker for cheesy vampire vs werewolves movies. I don’t remember where I first saw Rhona but I remember thinking that this girl reminded me of Kate Beckinsale. And in my small mind one Kate Beckinsale is enough. So one of them has to go and my money is on … see that is a tough choice. On the one hand you got the original smoking hot Kate, who’s body looks damn near perfect in a painted-on black leather full-body suit, got damn. And then you got Rhona Mitra, the sextress that is jumping on the Underworld bandwagon, and I’m sure that her painted-on black leather full-body suit will look just as good. I’m going with Kate Beckinsale, it was a close call but i could not turn my back on Kate, like I said before I love Kate so I’m sticking with her, you can choose who you want.

compilation of Rhona Mitra’s sexy work on Nip Tuck

Kate Beckinsale gets it on with a hybrid

Gisele Does DT Magazine

Gisele is not one of my favorites when it comes to the Victoria’s Secret models but she has some pics that make her look better then all of them. Her one negative has always been her face as it is not as “pretty” as other models like Adriana Lima nor Miranda Kerr, but her body is crazy. Another detrimental move that she pulled on her part is that she is dating the overrated douche known as Tom Brady, sure he is a goodlooking guy and I’m sure that is all that she cares about but he made his fame being a little better then average QB playing in a good system and that in my books makes him one lucky mofo. So here are Gisele’s pics from that magazine spread and some other ones of her because this blog has been noticeably absent of Gisele. 

I Called It, Sort of. Emma Watson Does an Upskirt

I am not going to say that I was completely right but I was pretty damn close. Not a few days past her eighteen birthday Emma Watson had a pantyless upskirt. Although she is not my flavor I know a lot of people out there are fans of her and it looks like she decided to give them a birthday gift also. I would also like to add that it should be a rule that once you turn 18 panties should be banned when you’re going clubbing, or to lunch, or walking your dog, or… well you get the idea. NSFW Images are here and here

And to tide you perverts over more pics of the night but a little safer for work

Vanessa Hudgens New Album

My favorite singer is set to release a new album sometime soon. She is my favorite singer because I like sluts that send nude pictures of themselves to their “going to come out of the closet as soon as the preteen girlies forget about me” boyfriends. Tell me that she did not look smoking posing in the buff? She even had the guts to try and bring the bush back, although I’m sure that she shaves it now. I know that all the tweenies are going to be hankering for her new album but I’m going to throw an idea out there. Why doesn’t Vanessa try and break into the Hip-Hop market. It would be easy, all she needs to do is have some new nude photos of herself, this time bush free, in the cd sleeves. Since she has some Spanish in her the black dudes wont think they sold out when they start buying the albums by the millions just to get at the pictures. If she did that I would reserve a dozen copies myself, because that girl is fine.

Elisha Cuthbert Turns on Maxim

The Canadian hottie who has disappeared from the face of the world, or something like that according to me, has decided to grace the cover of maxim. I guess she got tired of banging Leo’s friends and mediocre hockey players, and has decided to try her hand again at a career that was heating up before she lost her mind and began slutting it up across Hollywood. Here’s hoping that the old Elisha comes back and takes back her crown as Canada’s hottest export. 

Around the World: Zimany Linda

My first Around the World girl was from Colombia and I must admit pretty hot, but nothing compared to level of beauty which is Zimany Linda. The girl with a stupid name is packing a serious body and that is good news. I wanted to write something about her to make it seem like I see her for more then just a hot piece of ass but I could not find anything, not even a wiki page. So do not accuse me of being a misogynist, blame the internet for not making it easier to find the personal information of hot girls. Enjoy the pics.