Versus: Kate Beckinsale Against Rhona Mitra

Just to get it out in the open I think I’m in love with Kate Beckinsale, but after seeing Rhona Mitra’s turn in Nip/Tuck she made a strong push for Kate’s spot. I first remember seeing Kate in Underworld and she just blew me away. She was so gorgeous in that movie that I had to watch it again and again, also I’m a sucker for cheesy vampire vs werewolves movies. I don’t remember where I first saw Rhona but I remember thinking that this girl reminded me of Kate Beckinsale. And in my small mind one Kate Beckinsale is enough. So one of them has to go and my money is on … see that is a tough choice. On the one hand you got the original smoking hot Kate, who’s body looks damn near perfect in a painted-on black leather full-body suit, got damn. And then you got Rhona Mitra, the sextress that is jumping on the Underworld bandwagon, and I’m sure that her painted-on black leather full-body suit will look just as good. I’m going with Kate Beckinsale, it was a close call but i could not turn my back on Kate, like I said before I love Kate so I’m sticking with her, you can choose who you want.

compilation of Rhona Mitra’s sexy work on Nip Tuck

Kate Beckinsale gets it on with a hybrid

Obsession of the Week: Nip Tuck

My obsession of the week this week is the TV show Nip Tuck. I came across the show as a recommendation from a few friends. I ended up watching all five seasons this past week and a half, and let me tell you I find this show fucking hilarious. Dr. Christian Troy is my new idol. His character is the biggest asshole on TV but also has flashes of altruism that give his character more depth. I know the show is very superficial, which is funny because of the topic, and even their attempts at bringing the show any greater sense of drama seems cheap and implausible, but still worlks because they poke fun at themselves. The balance that Dr. Troy and Dr. McNamara share in their relationship helps both of them thrive and grow as both their personalities reverberate off of each other giving each of them a lot more dimension.

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