What’s That I Feel Growing?

I have recently been feeling a growing appreciation for the body of work of a Miss Gisele Bundchen. She always had her pluses but after some careful consideration I have come to the conclusion that Gisele is banging and Tom and Leonardo are some lucky s.o.b’s. What is it about Brazilian women that makes them so much better then other women. If you compare the ladies through all walks of life from the porn industry to the high fashion world, Brazilian’s seem to dominant other lesser creatures. When you have models like Lima, Ambrosio, and Gisele there really isn’t any competition. And I know that comparing pornstars to supermodels is like comparing apple’s to slightly rotten apples but I stand by my assessment that if you’re a female from Brazil you will either be a low budget porn star or a millionaire supermodel.

Miranda Kerr plays with her Bra and Runs Around Naked! Got Damn!

The new Victoria Secret it girl was promoting VS’s new line of Bra’s on Thursday. according to her the new bra shapes itself around her curves, which is every mans dream but only one man’s reality right now, which makes me hate my life right now. So here are some pics of Miss Kerr playing with her favorite bra and some bonus pics courtesy of Hollywood Tuna

Back In The Day Hottie: Niki Taylor

Remember the nineties, the pinnacle of both grunge and hip-hop, the Cowboys-Niners rivalry, the Bulls domination, Canada’s first 2 world series titles, and most importantly the battle between between Cindy Crawford and Niki Taylor. I was firmly in the favor of Cindy then as I am now but I am a brown hair connoisseur and hold that preference over blondes, but now that I look more closely I have to pay respect to a beauty that she certainly is. So rejoice as this beauty once again struts her stuff.

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