Why Do I Feel Guilty About This?

Why do I feel guilty posting this pic. Is it because she is underage? no she is 21 years old. I feel guilty because when I think about gymnastics I think about 15 year olds somersaulting, tumbling and flying through the air on their way to an Olympic medal. So when I find a gymnast that looks very young but is actually only a few years older then the last girl that I banged, I cant help but feel a little guilty. Alicia is actually decent looking and years of lifting her own body weight has transformed her body into a fine piece of machinery. I decided to post this because of my admiration for the work that she has done her entire life to reach the top of her “sport”, and not because I want to put a hurting on that ass. 


Olympic Torch Comes to US soil

I was reading through the daily updates on ESPN when I came across the article about protestors scaling the Golden Gate bridge. I also came across all of the negative comments being posted about the protesters. It is funny to me that people commenting against the protesters all want them to use different methods. Guess what? just commenting on the actions of the protesters means that their message is getting across. If they were to simply organize a march it would not get them national coverage.

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